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Hotel De Shopping

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A comfortable residential hotel, botique style, 100 meters from the Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, Shopping Center.

This is the city for jumping off to the Pantanal, western Brazil's 200,000 square mile wetland forest reserve, cut by 100 fishable rivers. 2 hours from here you can boat, fish, photograph 600 species of
tropical birds, catch 250 types of fish, see hundreds of butterflies, or hundreds of tropical animal species. We will help you make reservations anywhere out there for free.
And for those wishing to visit the transparent waters system at Bonito, MS seeing and boating the transparent rivers, snorkeling, scuba diving this protected area we can be very useful. For the cave explorer it is a once in a life time adventure.

We offer a comfortable bed and breakfast. For the internet we have 6 computers in our cafe. And a great deal of help in that you probably don't speak the local lingo and will want the best at a reasonable price. WE are only a two dollar taxi ride from down town. or

From less than twenty dollars a night per person with complimentary breakfast

Travelers checks are very expensive to change in Brazil. Only the Banco do Brazil accepts them and charges a flat fee of twenty dollars for changing any amount up to one thousand dollars. Most businesses will not accept them, so bring some green backs. You should bring some cash and exchange it for the best rate at the Casas do Cambio, br> We will try to help and orient you.
And you can use your credit card at the bank to get cash in the capitol. We are in the most secure area of a quiet town of 650,000. Hotel safe for valubles and passport storage. And remember where ever you go, ASK THE PRICE FIRST.

We are privately owned, and we attend a small exclusive clientele. We aim to please and try to make your trip enjoyable and comfortable at a fair price.

Try the contacts page.

Just phone us at 55 67 326 4620 or 326 2055 or e-mail us your needs. Try, or and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

The addresses above are valid for reservations and or information. or

Stay with people that have been here for 30 years and speak both languages.